How Akino Works for Bounty Hunters

We’re excited for you to be one of Akino’s bounty hunters! Take a look at the steps outlined below and if you’re still interested fill out our Bounty Hunter Application.

Read below to learn more:

Take a look through the list! Our buyers want all sorts of stuff, some things you may have heard of or even have yourself, others you’ll know less about. Each item includes a BOUNTY, which is how much the buyer is willing to pay for your help finding this item, plus the amount they are willing to pay for the item. Don’t forget you can also earn some more money by negotiating a price under the buyers purchase price! Check out our Fee Structures page for details.

What’s your fastest path to victory (and money)? We provide our buyers with 2 options:

  1. If a buyer thinks their item will sell really quickly they may choose to be notified as soon as a bounty hunter has found their item.
  2. Other times our buyers want a list of all the items bounty hunters find after the hunt is over. In this case we give you 7-10 days to submit items so you have time to find the best options and negotiate the best prices. What things do you think you can find quickly that others might not?

Pretty self explanatory. But don’t just limit yourself to the interwebs, call people up if you think you know where to look. Often people and businesses are too busy to post the things they want to sell. You might be able to make a sellers day! That said, traditional search engines are definitely going to be your friend in this process – just not the only means to a lucrative end.

Sweet! You found something. Email us at with the item you found and as much detail as possible including the seller’s contact info or link to the website and all-in price inclusive of shipping and any links or pictures. Don’t worry – we won’t contact them (and definitely won’t give that info to the buyer) until the buyer indicates that the item they want is what you found. But once they do decide, we need to be able to verify the availability of the item without waiting for you to dig up the seller’s details.

If the item is available and in the condition you indicated, you’ve earned your bounty and we’ll send your money. Please note that Akino will retain 20% of the bounty as a service fee. At this point it’s up to us to complete the transaction.

Remember if you negotiate a price below the purchase price the buyer lists, you will get a portion of this savings as well. However, we will hold off on sending you this portion until the buyer receives the item and is satisfied. Again, look at our fee structures tab to understand how all of this works and what portion of the savings Akino will retain.

Sometimes not every item on our list is found. We will keep our harder to find items on the site for you to consider. If you think a bounty fee is too low, let us know! We want this to be rewarding for you – after all, this service doesn’t work without happy bounty hunters.

Sound good? Well, the list is waiting. Go to the Bounty Hunter Application page and get started!

If you have any more questions, check out the FAQs page. Still no answer? Email us at